Border “Ashgabat” airport – Mary – Border “Farap”


Meet the tourists at Ashgabat Airport transfer to the Hotel. Accommodation. Breakfast. Visiting the  Nisa  former  residence of Parthian Kings, III-d century BCE,  inside of it there is a so called Zoroastrian Round Temple, Square Hall where the Parthian Kings used to seat on their Thrones.  Nisa is a Fortress with remains of  43 watch towers  on the top of walls. On the way   back to Ashgabat visit  Kipchak  village, Spiritual Mosque of Turkmenbashy  with golden  dome. This Mosque is one of the big ones in the world with capacity of 10 000 worshippers.  Drive back to Ashgabat visit Lenin Monument, Russian Bazar . Lunch. After lunch visit Akhal-Teke Horse Farm,  owner of a farm is Katya, she  will show  her horses, in Geok-depe.  Her horses are well cared and well fed. Riding horses for an hour costs 80 tm. Drive back to Ashgabat, continue city tour. Dinner. Overnight.


Breakfast at the hotel. Visit Tolkuchka Bazar newly construted, half an hour driving from the hotel. Tolkuchka Bazar is full on Sunday, big market day. People from all parts of Turkmenistan come to Tolkuchka to sell and buy different kinds of  items –sheep skin hats, carpets. Visit section C2, on the Northern  edge of Bazar there are camels for sale and other animals. Coming back to Ashgabat visit Lenin monument. Back to the hotel to fresh up yourselves before lunch. After lunch Visit  the Museum of National History. After museum see Arch of Neutrality monument. Dinner. After dinner  if  you are not feeling tied make an evening tour to Ashgabat, from the Wedding Palace (City Hall) is a good View to Ashgabat. Overnight.


Have  packed  breakfast  from the Hotel Restaurant. Morning flight to Mary.  Drive to the East, direction to Ancient Merv. It was known as Merv  I  shahjahan-Qeen of the World, one of the Big cities of the  Islamic world,  located on the midway of Silk Road.  Most of   Karavans loaded with beautiful silk fabrics from China passing the territory of Merv moved till to the Western side of the World. At the time of Alexander the Great city called Margiana. There were different religious communities in Merv-Zoroastrians, Buddhists, Christians, since from the middle of VII-th century of   CE  Muslims. Upon arrival to Acient Merv at the Entrance pay for photo camera, than begin visiting  Kyz Kala and Yigit Kala  both with “petrified stockade” walls constructed at the end of  VII-th century, used later by Seljuk Soltans. Moving to the East see Mausoleum of  Askhabs, companions of prophit  Muhammed. Avan-portal was buil by the order of Timurlame.  Cross the bridge on al Razik canal,  keep moving to the North between two Fortresses on  the left Sultan Kala on the right Gyaur Kala entering inside of Gyaur Kala visit Erk Kala the oldest of  Merv fortresses.  Hoja Yusuf Hemedany Mosque his Grave is one of holiest place in Merv. On Saturdays and Sundays locals from different part of the country come to sacrifice the animals and coocking meals  do  communal eating with their reletives.  In the centre of Sultan Kala built at the time of Malik shahks, there is a Mausoleum of Sultan Sanjar masterpiece of XII-th century architecture.  The blue tiled dome of it was seen from one day caravan way.  Shahriyar Ark,  Citadel of Sultan Kala is also interesting.  The Mausoleum of Muhammed ibn Zeid and Karavan Sarai worth to visit.  Drive back to Mary. Lunch. After lunch visit Museum in Mary, Russian orthodox Church, House of Artists. Dinner. Overnight.


Early morning breakfast at the Hotel, having lunch boxes with you drive to Margush to explore one of the oldest civilisated part of the world. The capital of Margush was Gonur, where the Greek origion Russion archeologist Viktor Nikolayevich Sarianidi began to excavate around Gonurdepe from 1972-2013. Current excavations date Gonur to 3000 BCE. Viktor Ivanovich believed that Gonur was birth place of  Zoroastrianizm. In Avesta was mentionedthat   “Mouru was one of the lovely places of the God Ahuramazda with fertile lands”  Gonur is two and half  hour driving from Mary, with  a  4WD.  Currently excavated north part of  Gonur,  Royal Palace,  necropolis fascinating sites to visit.  Have your packed lunch at the  Camping place of  Archeaologists  where is a big table under the shade.  Drive Back to Mary through desert sand dunes.  In Mary have rest, fresh up, walk around. Dinner.


In the Morning  breakfast. Drive to Turkmenabat  through  Karakum desert,  city on the left bank of the River Oxus, cross the river on Pantoon bridge,  driving further about 40 km.  arrive to the Farap border, custom formalities via Bukhara. End of the tour.

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