About Us

State tourist enterprise «Dashoguzsiyakhat» 

     Founded in 1970 and is the leader of the tourist companies, business and tourist trips engaged in Turkmenistan. For today the state enterprise of tourism «Dashoguzsyyakhat» employs more than 30 people who speak foreign languages. Experienced tour operators will be always able to offer the most comfortable routes and consult on all questions related to the trips. "Dashoguzsyyakhat" operates in behalf of the clients and their offers:

  • - visa support to get visa in Turkmenistan;
  • - accepts and send-offs;
  • - accommodation in the hotels of any categories worldwide;
  • - transport service (bus, minibus, Jeep); 
  • - service of guide(s)/translator(s);
  • - arranging meals and picnics;
  • - biking in the mountains, visiting the canyon, hiking, off-road trip 4x4, riding on horseback, swimming on a yacht.
  • - organization of conferences, seminars;
  • - tours in the countries of the CIS (Russia, Ukraine etc.), Arab Emirates, India, Thailand, China, Iran, Turkey (Antalya, Izmir, Kemer, Alanya), Schengen countries (England, Germany etc.), Malaysia, Thailand (Bodrum, Phuket, Pattaya) and Maldive Islands
  • - reservation airline tickets in any direction.