Avaza Avaza

National tourist zone "Avaza" is an international resort center with modern level of services and comfort, capable to meet the most exacting taste, of the presentable persons inclusive. 

We can proudly say that excellent resorts erected on Caspian coastline are the "first swallows", being visible results of the reforms aimed to lay the foundation stone of the economic prosperity of Turkmen State.

The project "Avaza" possesses a special place among strategic plans of Turkmenistan for the nearest decade and that's why it consequently urged to accumulate in itself all most advanced achievements of the world architectural and engineering-technical innovations and creative ideas.

Within the frameworks of the second stage of the construction of a tourist zone at the Caspian coastline, 10-15 sanatoriums and world class hotels are put in operation. 

Borders of a tourist zone are expanded. Its area is increased to five thousand hectares. At the third stage of the project here emerged some kind of a Turkmen "Las Vegas" with many casinos and other entertaining centers. 

Here, at the Turkmen coast of the Caspian Sea, there is a huge scope of possibilities for implementation of various projects with full of potential of the international partnership. And we invite all, who is interested in wide-ranged cooperation and say them "Welcome to Turkmenistan!"