Ysmamyt Ata
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Ysmamyt Ata - late medieval architectural complex 12 km south of Tahta Dashoguz province. Built on the ruins of the village or fortress Eshretkala (10-11 century), turned into a huge cemetery. Separate buildings of the complex are different times and laid on different levels. The most ancient is the long corridor, covered with seven domes - it Dashkeche (stone street). To him at an acute angle attached another corridor in the north-western wall of which are laid with brick niches. It is believed that they were being hidden burial clerics. From the same corridor made the entrance to the winter mosque with a domed hall and a room for the pilgrims. From the west, adjacent to her old mosque with two wooden columns, decorated with magnificent carvings Khiva school, dining room and a hotel with a patio. At the western end of the two-chamber mausoleum erected Dashkёche Isyma - the main object of pilgrimage in this complex.