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КПП "Ходжейли" - Куня Ургенч - Дашогуз - Дарваза - КПП аэропорт Ашхабад

День I.

At the border you will be met by local guide and driver. Drive  to explore Archeological-Architectural Monuments of Konye  Urgench. Upon arrival begin visiting holiest part of Konye Urgench the sacred Nejameddin Al Kubra Mausoleum and the Sultan Ali Mausoleum opposite to it. From there driving to the South half a mile thereis a Turabeg Khanum Mausoleum, considered to be the masterpiece of double domed constructions in the world, with its effective geometrical patterns like an Astrological Calendar. On the other side of the road see Mausoleum of Sayid  Ahmed,  than further Kutluk Timur Minaret 62 m. height, probably erected at the beginning of XIV-th century. Looking to the East you will see the Mausoleum of Sultan Tekesh, father of Khorezmshakh Muhammed the second. Close to it there is the mound of graves called Kyrk Molla, where you can see young women rolling down the hill in a fertility rite. Keep heading to South see Il Arslan  Mausoleum one of the oldest of KU monuments with its conical dome. Than see the remains of Al Mamuns Minaret built at the beginning of XII-th century. From the South edge KU  monunents moving nearby an unknown portal building keep to the West to the main raod,  than to  Dashoguz. Overnight at the hotel Uzboy.

День II.

Early breakfast. Drive to the South to the heart of the Karakum desert Darvaza Gas Craters. It is unusual impressive site of Turkmenistan. From Dashoguz 4 hours driving, from chaikhanas on the Dashoguz Ashgabat midway turn to the left driving  through  sand hills arrive to the Crater.  Upon arrival chose the good place to set tents, better on the Western side of crater (not to breathe gas smell tonight). The  driver and guide will care to prepare dinner,  chishkebabs or have your packed  dinner. Much more attractive to see crater at night. Overnight in tents.

 День III.

Early breakfast, as early as possible, continue driving to Ashgabat on the way make a stop at Jerbent settlement, where you can see traditional Turkmen yurts. Inhabitants of Yerbent, make feltrugs, the best ones used inside of yurts. From Yerbent continue driving to Ashgabat, upon arrival have lunch, accommodation at the Hotel. Afternoon tour to Ashgabat, visiting former residence of Parthian Kings, III-d century BCE, on the way back to Ashgabat visit  Kipchak  village, Spiritual Mosque of Turkmenbashy.  Dinner.  Overnight.

День IV.

Завтрак в отеле. Посещение нового базара "Толкучка", от отеля до базара дорога займет полчаса. В воскресенье большой базарный день, "Толкучка" полна людей. Люди со всех уголков Туркменистана приезжают на "Толкучку" продавать и покупать различные товары и изделия (шапки, ковры, халаты) из кожи овец. На северной окраине Базара находится базар, где продают и покупают животных (в том числе и верблюдов). Вернувшись в Ашгабат мы посетим памятник Ленину. Возвращение в отель. Обед. После обеда Посещение музея национальной истории и Арки Нейтралитета. Ужин. После ужина, если вы не сильно устали можно будет сделать вечерний тур по Ашгабаду, до Дворца бракосочетаний (City Hall).  Далее, прибытиев аэропорт

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